Raw: Caracatiţa Rompetrol pentru cine vrea să ştie cum a fost furat, cu repetiţie, statul român.

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The continuing controversies over the death of Cristian Panait, state prosecutor

I have fallen in and out being an EVZ reader over the years, but you have to hand it to the writers for thes exhaustive historical analyses here. It appears to be serious if only for the fact it is fair to Victor Ponta, hardly mentioning him in the latest episode from only a few days ago.

One has to wonder if Ponta was just unlucky to have been one of the last people to see Panait, when Panait was already unstable and on a downward spiral due to the various pressures he was under. As to whether Ponta was or indeed is part of a criminal-class political culture and/or octopus-like corruption phenomenon prevalent in the “big political parties” is another thing, because I believe he is, as are many politicians around the world not just Romania — but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of taking part in a murder.

Much depends on the wider circumstances and pressure to bear on Panait by the relevant players at the time, especially / allegedly all the more so his direct boss according to the latest episode from 24/04, but still, how much can we say depended on Cristian Panait himself?

There being no proof of any coercion or violence before the fact, how can there be a question of murder? In that case, we can only be talking about a suicide caused by intense professional pressures. If however, these pressures and thus the cause of the suicide were made in order to hide acts which were illegal and/or immoral for anyone holding public office or otherwise,  unbecoming in the larger sense of all the event history of all the individuals involved, then it is those potentially criminal acts which need to be investigated.

A “penal file” for any of the responsible players would be an appropriate legacy. What’s needed now is a new prosecutor. Indeed though, what happened to the prosecutor who oversaw the investigation of Cristian Panait? TBC.